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Clear/Heal Apathy & Rejection in yourself

I recently received inner insight and wisdom to a level of apathy & rejection I was holding within my whole body. As I opened and allowed for a shifting it occurred to me that others could benefit from this clearing as well. As a gift to assist others, you are invited to help yourself!

Repeat this out loud

"I now choose to release all apathy and rejection through my whole entire system body, mind, spirit and consciousness through all time and space with love and appreciate for how it has served me. I command it is gone now, never to return in this or any other lifetime. I now choose to allow the light of my soul and my true divine nature to fill all the spaces and places within me where the energies, beliefs, structures and tendencies of apathy and rejection have previously been placed upon or within me by myself or another through all dimensions time and space. My mind, body & spirit forgives you, thanks you, and loves you. I forgive you, I release you! And so it is!

Take a few deep breaths and move your body. Repeat this process as much as you feel needed. I'd like to think its a one and done process, but from my experience it sometimes takes more than once for the full clearing/resetting effects to take hold.

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