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We Shine in the Light of a New Day

She who is

We laugh and play. Delighted as the bird in the dawn of the spring. Light shines pure as heavens rays flood the morning song.

Hearts beat, children sneeze and life's bustle begins its day. Father's, Mother's, Sister's, Brother's they shift and sway to life's song. Divine Child Father God says, Divine Child Mother of God says, Divine life you are to create with natures riches under your feet.

Remember the Earth, she is your's to feed. She will help you grow and plant deeper seeds. Partner with her I created her for you God speaks. She feeds you, she nourishes and helps you. Nothing more, nothing less she is yours to care-take. No promises, No contracts, No deals to sign. Just love her and labor for her beauty, her sunshine, her plants, minerals, rocks, stones, herbs, waters and animal life. Assist her living and she will assist you.

No dollar, nor diamonds, nor riches dejour. Just laughter and love is made simple this day. I love you I thank you from the depth of my soul. This little song bird would like you to know that this passing life is a gift don't you know!

The Birth of Light

By: Robin Ivy Haywood

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