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The Wisdom of the 5 Elements

Stay Tuned -  “The 5 Elements of the Dagara Cosmology”

During this online class, you will learn about the elements and how to use them to help bring more aliveness, flow, play & balance to your life.  You will learn about your primary element based on the year you were born and the way you can work with this wisdom to facilitate personal growth.

This is a FREE event. I hope you can join me.

mineral stone journey

& activation session 

Stay Tuned - Spring 2021

Explore in the footsteps of this Ancient Wisdom & Remembrance. This heart-centered guided journey will assist you in remembering your ancient grandmother wisdom. It can help you open, connect & root to a more rich, nourishing, and powerful inner wisdom. During this nature journey, you will find and connect to 9 "Grandmother Stones." 

Discover what they mean, how to work with them to reset and connect with deeper meaning within.


During this guided journey I will assist you with clearing life blocks & activating new energies to support your inner growth & soul expansion.


Contact me at  to learn more.


Fee/Contribution: $33, $44 or $55 (Pay what you can)

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