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Light Language 

Light Language is a vibrational language of sounds and native tones. Its a language of the soul that can assist at shifting beliefs,  offer energy shifts and  assist one with activating DNA upgrades. It bypasses our cognitive minds to allow the transmission of Light Coding and Frequency to be transmitted into our whole being.

Light Language acts as a soul-to-soul communion, where the spoken word cannot reach the depths of understanding due to the limitations we pose when we are incarnated in a 3D physical body.  It is a direct communication beyond this realm on Earth which brings healing, love, activations,  encouragement, empowerment and frequency shifts for people and the planet.

Many experience it as a recognition of the FEELING and INNER KNOWING  without the need to understand a direct word-for-word translation. It is best to be experienced in a relaxed and open hearted space.

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