The desire to know ourselves is an empowering choice. As we surrender to what is and embrace all we are... truth, acceptance & love become the frequency from which we live.


Meet Robin 



At 15 I dislocated my knee and as I placed my hands on my knee I heard, "you're a healer". Flash forward and here I am. 

Navigating life can be a balancing act. Often filled with ups & downs, joy & sorrows we stumble & we soar. Discovering who we truly are through the healing arts is a gift I love to share. If you need assistance healing, or guidance growing beyond current limitations and mindsets I have many abilities to help you expand. One of my gifts is what is Called Angelic Weaving or Etheric Surgery which helps one open and heal mind, body & spirit.


Life is about balance, a willingness to flow and adopting a trusting spirit to allow more of yourself to emerge.   Are you ready to allow more of your true nature to shine? 


Assisting those ready to embark on a deeper transformation and emerging journey is an HONOR and JOY.

As we work together, we  can open many new doors of opportunities for you to reset, restore, receive,  and reconfigure your body, mind & spirit. 


Each session facilitated is intuitively guided and in alignment for your current and highest needs.   Sessions may include Theta DNA Healing, Activations, Attunements, Crystal Light Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki and intuitive guidance. I invite you to explore the details further under the services description. 

In addition to individual and group sessions some of my other favorite offerings are Clearing and Creating sacred spaces in homes and business. Through a diverse set  of gifts I can  help you transform your space and re-educate you on how to keep it energetically clean, clear and uplifted through alignment and partnership with the earth.

I am certified in many modalities, and am learning that mastery comes from letting go of titles, labels, roles, symbology, certifications and everything society says one has to do and be to be credited.    My certifications and studies include: SSR Reiki Master, Divine Magdalene Shamanic Priestess Studies, Maori Healing and Dagara Shamanism,  Theta™ Basic and Advanced DNA Healing Practitioner. As well as a certified instructor of Dr. Aihan Kuhn’s Therapeutic Qi Gong, and an Ordained Minister by Linda Star Wolf through Venus Rising Association.

If you are interested I offer session both in-person and remote world-wide via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or phone. To schedule a session please contact me by email at One last note, please do not allow money to deter you from reaching out for a session as we can explore an amount suitable for your budget, or another form of energy exchange. I am flexible and here to assist all who feel the call to receive abundantly through my offerings and are ready and willing to do their work....

Donations and Contributions Gratefully Welcomed!



With Love & Gratitude 




1st Light, 1st Breath, 1st Birth, 1st Love, 1st Stone, 1st Fire


A Gift from my Gaia Heart to Yours....

Through the portal of light Gaia shifts,  her lips open to reveal the truth of our soul. Taking us in through her tectonic plates  we become the womb of creation through our expansive hearts we awaken to what is truth inside.  Awakening HUmanity, a full remembrance to human-kind. A kinship of love that is  clear like the air we breathe. Loving like the ocean floor. Majestic like the mountains, streams, lakes and rivers. We rise as one, our voices heard throughout the universe as we sing our soul song. Privileged I am to know my heart, Grateful I am to dance, Humbled I am to serve and Beautiful I am to Love, Thankful I am to be, Honored I am to share and here I am to Explore this sacred dance with you.




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