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Haywakeup Wellness came to me sometime around 2013. This was just a few short years after beginning my Holistic Wellness and Energy Healing Studies.


At 15 I heard from holy spirit that I was a healer. My healing and awakening to these gifts have taken many decades to discover, develop and offer them in service to others. I am only a conduit for God's energies and Grace. I am dedicated to helping serve unity, my family and humanity.


I was a wife for 32 years and have two amazing grown sons whom I love very much. I have a degree in Business Administration and had a very successful corporate life as Customer Service Sales Administrator in Aerospace and a Business Systems Consultant for Businesses such as BP, Nike, Oakley and Mitsubishi. Once my husband and I decided I would leave my corporate life behind I became a full time mother and wife which was one of the best decisions I ever made.


I have studied energy healing for more than a decade. The alternative wellness path begun for me around the time I began adrenal burn-out. Then shortly after I began studying energy work, we learned my husband had  cancer. These two things helped me dive deep into the alternative path.


I am certified in several healing modalities and am a novice in herbal and plant medicine. I have been known to help clients come into a more clear balanced and life affirming state. One client I helped had clearer vision and saw colors much brighter than when she came in. I encourage you to read some of the testimonials I have.

Certifications include: Theta Basic & Advanced DNA Healing, The Melchizedek Method 1-4, Life Force Energy Healing Master Certification and most recently studying, living, and practicing Eastern Orthodox Christianity. 

The more we seek, grow, practice and live in alignment with Christ, the closer we live as God made us to be.

If you're ready to grow, I'm ready to assist. You and God do the growing and healing, I simply assist. You can work with me 1-1 or during small group sessions.

To book a session use the online booking link below, or contact me via email at I work with clients in person and via video, or phone.

May you be Blessed and May God always be with You!

Robin (Magdalene)



Donations and Contributions are always welcomed!





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